Train Connections

A Different Sort of Train Connection

You may well ask, “what have train connections got to do with internal energy?”. Well … quite a lot! But, not the trains most people think of.

Anatomy Trains

Thomas Meyers developed a new way of looking at body structure and function in 2008. He named his approach Anatomy Trains. Why trains? Because he views body components like carriages of a train that are linked together.

Body Structure

I really like this way of looking at the body, because it better allows you to understand body structures and how they work. Anatomy Trains are conceptional models of the body. I call these mind-models, and by using mind models we can get a simpler, quicker grasp of how we can best train.

Mind Models

Understanding the structural components of your body and how they link together as mind models can give you a huge advantage in understanding what you should be training as opposed to grinding your way through exercises you have little understanding about.

One of the fascinating aspects of Anatomy Trains, is how the individual Trains or Lines can connect together. You can attach and detach Lines at will and use their inherent properties to create different effects simply by changing the connections.

Better Push-Ups

For example, you have a Line across your upper torso – from shoulder to shoulder. If you do a wide push-up and expand your Shoulder Line as you drop – you can notice some interesting things. Your arms contract and spiral inwards, and if you open your throat, air will be sucked into your lungs. You should also find that the dropping has ‘spanned’ your Shoulder Line, much as an archer would draw and span a bow. This elastic energy can then be used to expand, straighten and counter-spiral your arms. So, the push-up comes from your spanned shoulders and not from your arm muscles.

There are a number of important principles that come into play here:

  • kinetic energy (dropping down) can be stored as elastic energy (Shoulder Line Bow) that can be used to power the push-up;
  • spirals help create structure;
  • your breathing is connected to movement;
  • adjacent Lines can be opposites – when one expands the adjacent one contracts;
  • note that Lines can also be linked directly together to expand and contract in phase and as a combined Line;
  • the push-up becomes an indirect energy push-up instead of a direct external energy push-up (biceps/ triceps).

These natural ‘laws’ apply to all of the Primary Energy Lines in your body and can be used to enhance everything you do!


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