Using Your Body to Lead Your Mind

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Start with the body and the mind will follow.  We are much more familiar and adept at controlling the actions of our bodies than the actions of our minds.  Happily, moving with awareness and intention will almost always result in our minds becoming clearer and calm, more aware of the experience of the present moment.  It’s kind-of like sneaking up on your mind, but in a good way! (from:

How many people have you come across, maybe yourself included, that are stressed out, and bark at you when you suggest that they calm down. It’s not actually that surprising, because getting to a calm mental state when you are in a very stressed mental state is not usually straightforward. However, by using your body movement to calm your body, it starts to work on your mind very quickly.

This is the approach that Threnergy uses, by calming your body and intimately linking the calming process with your mind, you can calm your mind directly from a stressed state, quickly.

Threnergy links micro-movement with  structured breathing to link your body, mind and breath in a way that is not commonly understood.


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