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What is This Website About? … Energy!

Down, Weak, Lacking Motivation?

This website is all about energy. If you don’t have energy you feel down. If you don’t have energy you feel weak. If your don’t have energy you will lack motivation.

Vibrant, Strong and Motivated

If you have energy you will feel vibrant, strong and motivated.

So, how do you get there?

Aware, Open-minded, Willing and Calm

You’ll need to be aware that you need to do something, you’ll need to be open-minded, you’ll need to be willing to think outside the box, and you’ll need to take a calm measured approach to re-generating your energy.

What you breathe is as important as how you breathe. How you drink is as important as what you drink. How you eat is as important as what you eat and how you exercise is as important as the type of exercise you do.

Here I focus mostly on the ‘hows’ of breathing, drinking, eating and exercising – as well as a fundamentally different way of looking at exercising.


What you breathe will be dictated very much by your location, but the simple formula is to breathe as clean and oxygenated air as possible. If you can’t breathe clean air all the time, make sure you escape to clean air areas as often as you can, preferably near trees or water and away from traffic or smoke. Mindful Connectivity shows you how to breathe better and more mindfully.


What you drink is more of a choice than what you breathe. Simply put, the water you drink should be oxygenated, clean and contain a good mix of mineral salts (not sodium salts). For many of us, that means bottled water or filtered tap water. Those are necessarily compromises, and ones that we have little choice about in today’s world. But you can and should drink mindfully.


This is an enormous subject all on it’s own. Current thinking, though, is that we eat too much of the wrong things and what we eat contains too many pollutants and not enough minerals and nutrients. Because there is so much personal choice and belief in food, I will steer clear of the ‘what’. The how is very important. If you eat while doing something else it’s not good for you. Again, eating mindfully and savouring what you eat is important for you digestion, mind, and the rest of your body.

Exercise and Mindfulness

Exercise is often the last thing many people feel they have the energy to do and it’s not really surprising if you don’t breathe well, drink well or eat well.  The exercises here are all about how to exercise mindfully and in a connected way. Once you learn how to feel energy movement in your body, you can learn how to breathe better, relax better, stand (or sit) better and move better. These four pillars are the basis for you to access your mind and learn mindfulness through them.

Once you have access to Mindfully Connected mindfulness you can use it to access all of your senses – you will be able to clearly focus on breathing, drinking, eating and exercising. You will be able to feel what is good for you rather than just what someone else says is good for. It will re-ignite your energy!


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