What’s the Purpose – What’s Your Purpose?

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What’s My Purpose?

I watched a very inspirational vlog by a colleague of mine. By inspirational, I mean it got me thinking, it got me to decide to do something, and it got me to do something. In her vlog Cathy Richardson talks about Purpose, Intent and Delivery. If all three are aligned you should be humming.

I had looked at my collection of values as my purpose, but I now think there is a real difference: here’s my purpose statement:

I am an Interpreter – my purpose is to look at the things around me that I feel are important, even essential for a Meaningful, Mindful, Healthful existence. I translate the intangible to the tangible, the complex to the simple and the obscure to the transparent. I provide refreshing, new insights into what’s Meaningful, Mindful and Healthful both inside and outside of business.

Cathy’s vlog: https://www.facebook.com/soapboxspeaking/videos/1855605734696923/

and her post: http://getonyoursoapbox.co.uk/purpose/

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