Why being Mindfully Connected is like Savouring Honey

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Why being Mindfully Connected is like Savouring Honey

One of the beauties of workshops is the questioning and feedback that you get from the participants.

We had a particularly rewarding workshop this weekend in Epsom with the Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy.


With Threnergy, I have deliberately looked at the highest common factors that I have been fortunate enough to discover in multiple disciplines on my Moving and Martial Arts journey over four decades.

I value the feedback from people across the spectrum — from the those who are just beginning their journeys to the ones who are at the top of their games.

When I am showing new ways at looking at old things, it is particularly inspiring and gratifying to see the realisation, joy and enlightenment on peoples’ faces.

My aim has not been to develop a new art or to say, ‘look how good I am’ -– it’s more to say, ‘look at this a different way, and see if it makes better sense to you’. I claim no credit for what I show, but the credit for translating it into a different, more accessible language and format.

I got some wonderful quotes this weekend:

  • ‘This (Mindful Connectivity) provides the backbone for a lot of things I have come across before, but connects them in an easy to understand way’
  • ‘This approach isn’t saying anything new, it’s just looking at how to do things from a different perspective that is much easier to grasp’
  • This is reinforcing what I have already be told, but makes it more accessible to me’
  • ‘I think this is going to make learning elements of Tai Chi much easier’.


I get inspired to write my blogs by things I see during the day. This morning it was a bee!

The Honey Bit

The elements of the Moving and Martial Arts that I have collected along the way are a bit like the pollen that a bee collect from flowers – which makes Threnergy and Mindful Connectivity like honey that you can spread on your Moving Martial Arts bread to make it tastier! Please do have a taste and savour it!


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