What – What is Mindful Connectivity?

What is Mindful Connectivity?

This is actually quite difficult to describe, because a base level of awareness is required in order to explain the nuances.


If you are aware of energy movement, Qi or Qigong it’s easier. If you haven’t yet got this awareness, I’ll try to explain.

Heightened Awareness

Take both of your hands, hold them out in front of you and make a tight fist in each hand, hold for a couple of seconds and then relax them. Repeat this contract, relax cycle around 10 times, open your hands out fully and then let them drop vertically down the side of your body. You should feel some form of buzziness, tingling or heightened awareness in your fingers and/ or your whole hands. Now hold your arms our horizontally to your shoulders and angle them, a bit like playing aeroplanes with your arms as the wings, banking from side to side. Hopefully, you will have just experienced some heightened awareness in your hands: that is the start of being able to feel energy movement around your body.

What does that heightened awareness do for you? You have internal receptors that monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, joints positions etc. The problem is that most of us have lost the ability to make use of those senses. You know when you feel thirsty or hungry because you are tuned in to your thirst and hunger senses. It’s the same with your other senses – you can start to  feel when you need to exercise – to ‘get your blood moving’ once you tune in to them. You will also be able to feel when you are exercising correctly – not because somebody tells you what it should look like, but because you will be able to feel when it is right.

Your body is complex , but it is made up of segments. Those segments all have very similar essential functions and the ability to move in similar ways. They are also structured in very similar ways. Take, for instance, the obvious examples of a finger and a toe; an arm and a leg; or an elbow and a knee.

The way you see your body is in terms of body maps – mind-models of your body. It is now well known that you can teach your body to learn through your mind as much as through physical movement. Just think of what high level coaches do to train football, tennis or golf stars.

Each of your body segments works in synchrony with the others: they are not separate. Look at how you move an arm to pick up and object and how a cat extends its paw. We have somehow learnt to disconnect our body movement. We should be moving more like cats. Look at the way a top athlete walks. It’s very cat like!

I can now look at someone move and immediately tell how connected they are. It’s how I can tell if an instructor really knows their stuff!

Mindful Connectivity re-synchronises your body so that it moves as one. Which allows you to function better with far more strength and less stress. Add in how your body movement is tightly linked with your breathing and how breathing is tightly linked with your mental state and you get to a state of being Mindfully Connected.


The mind models you will use are called Threnergy (3 energy) models. They provide a simple but powerful ways of re-learning how to move. Once you learn these models, they stick with you. They will become embedded in your streamlined body movement.